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How it works was created to bypass YouTube's non-skippable ads. Non-skippable ads are video ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. When a non-skippable ad displays before a video, the viewer is forced to watch the full ad before the selected video starts playing. Simply adding a - after the t in youtube in any YouTube video (watch page) URL solves that issue by instantly linking to the ad-free, looped, full screen version of the video. Now, without having to download or install ad-blocking software, you can watch YouTube videos on repeat, free from unwanted distractions and clutter.

Trending videos

RankVideo TitleSubmitted By
1Video Game Dunkey - Youtube Gave All of My Subscribers to Will SmithSixtyFours
2Casually Explained: The English LanguageMotorsen
3Astros pick apart Rays pitcher reading slight movements in his glove. Excellent break downscroogemcdub
4Zach Galifianakis Bombs at Saturday Night LiveFunkTurkey
5Letterkenny - Amazing Chest Aheadthishardman
6Groundbreaking footage of whale bubble-net feedingBarknuckle
7Egg in the bathaparker35
8Different American Hood Accents and DialectsCynicClinic1
9A professional IMPRESSIONIST joins forces with a DEEPFAKE artist. Just. Wow.mindzoo
10Divers looking for sunken ship find giant egg-sac full of baby squidtankpuss
11Two engineers talk bullshit startup culture.abbasman5
12Steve Martin Opens The AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Tom HanksHumptyDooDah
13Just like Star Wars.DubSTEPbySTEP
14Fake Terabyte USB Flash Drives - Now Available On Amazon Prime!Theghostofsabotage
15A condor (Vultur Gryphus) that went back to greet the man who cured him, in the argentinean patagonia (some years ago)simonbleu
16When former slave Jordan Anderson was asked to come back and work for his old master, he replied with a deadpan letter asking for 52 years back pay as proof of 'good faith.' The letter is described as a rare example of "Slave Humor"YoloPudding
17How you should arrive into any event.pericles3d
18How to (NOT) get rid of a dead whale in 1970 [NSFW]CentusMoon
19'Napoleon Dynamite' cast members reunite, 15 years laterredditorium
20David Spade and Jeff Ross Give Jokes Through EarpiecehorsaLoL
21Peter Jackson casually mentions in the "They Shall Not Grow Old" BTS that he owns some WWI artillery.Yackemflaber
22Parents Horror as Adopted Six-Year-Old was Actually an Adultfjpeace
23I knit Victorian Combinations!witchystitch
24I had no idea pringles start of as a powderseanmashitoshi
25A fire is currently burning at a refinery in the Bay Area, this video shows a storage container exploding its top offGabriel85
26Squirrel Nut Zippers - Ghost of Stephen Fosterplumporter
27Tom Cruise is a fudge packerAl-Andalusia
28Lego-Crash 2019: Porsche rams Bugattitaton85
29South Park on The News MediaTheApoplasticMan
30Musician realises she’s famous and cries during her first real concert.matchasoytea
31The Goonies, deleted octopus scene, never saw this until today.HeadbangerNeckInjury
32This is what your brain looks like when it learnsHamOwl
33Neature Walk with Lenny PepperbottomTransndental
35Bald Eagle WalkingFluentViolin
36Lebron seems to think we need to have sympathy for him every time he sells out. Remember this classic from the first time?SockEmGlockers
37Binging with Babish: $5 Shake from Pulp FictionLOOKITSADAM
38Vennbahn: The World's Weirdest Border?10100011a10100011a
39Fishing With John Episode2 with Tom WaitsPioneerStandard
40This Excellent Short On Depression Speaks To Meiamalmighty1
41NASA released a few videos todayObuttWHY
42Hot Dad - BS ShitFACE_MEAT
43Car dealership ripoff: Hidden-camera investigationpingpong2019
44How Did They Do That?Audi_quattro10
45Amazing Shrimp and GritsUncleKarl2019
46World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 secondsDubSTEPbySTEP
47Nautilus Live's ROV just touched bottom 10,500 feet (3,200 meters) down on the seafloor. Live HD stream of never before seen seafloor and life.SquarePegRoundWorld
48Pan roasted ChickenUncleKarl2019
49Creativity at the highest level.JasonMalley1973
50London police arrest animal rights protester dressed as broccoli. "Give peas a chance"thisdance
51When you're adamant that vegan chocolate shouldn't exist.toomanysubsbannedme
52"Big Iron" by Marty Robbins but the lyrics are in alphabetical orderxmxmskw
53Digit, a bipedal robot similar to Boston Dynamics' robot Atlas, carrying a boxMinecraftian1998
54Popular musician on YouTube wanted to sell his eighteen string guitar and give the money to less fortunate children. The two highest bidders trolled him...prodromic
55The Untitled Project Show - The Worst Guests On The Worst Talk Showrorytard
56OpenAI - Solving Rubik's cubes with robotic handsPiyh
57Why US Bathrooms Don’t Have Bidetsthen-Or-than
58110 Years of High School: 1900s-2010sLeonardavincii
59Sebastian Maniscalco - I'm uncomfortable that you're comfortableBlue_Three
61The theme the "the godfather" but happysidthescienceguy
62David Hoffman interviews a Vietnam VeteranLMM666
63That time when Katie Holmes managed to escape Tom CruiseBrilliant_Bet
64Chemistry teacher sets off sprinkler at a highschoolTANNAMODE
65Squirrels Crossing the RoadFishes39
66people who argue what the civil war was aboutEnglish_American
67Decimation - One of the Worst Forms of Punishment in Ancient Romekrano84
68What Really Happened At The X Wing Launchlastintherow
69What it's really like when waking a deaf dog.AAronm19
70This old man is hilariousSuperGuitar
71sand + baking soda + sugar + zippo fluid experiment time lapsetaton85
72Alan Watts | Myth Of The Automatic UniverseChaseLe1
73Living in the tunnels of New York Cityseanmashitoshi
74A Road Quest to Northern CanadaProfessorSTAFF
75There is only one thing I want to ask Lebron James right now.Korenzo
76Neon Genesis Evangelion is what the kids wantrafaugm
77Genius or Stupid?trongs24
78Dangerously Close To Wolves | Snow Wolf Family And Me | BBCFluentViolin
79Excessive ping-pong celebrationbulgarian_zucchini
80Marty Stuart describes how he took the last picture of Johnny Cash, while they were writing the last song Johnny worked on, at Cash's home. (Pic in comments.)whatwhatdb
81France today - Water canon used against firefighters protestingDaNotSoGoodSamaritan
82Gollum sighted at Woodstockdaanishh
83I wanted this to exist so bad and the internet has provided! My favorite song from the movie Popeye sung by Shelley Duvall mashed together with clips from the Shining.TOMORROWS-FORECAST
84Girl makes up unbelievable pseudo-scientific claims to trick subscribers into her “woke” ideology so she can sell her insanely fake 7-step elixirs and books.ToriiCS
85Do you know the f wordEnseimada
86Reckless FedEx Destroys Audi and House!yonilevin
87grandson: Oh No (A Social Experiment)A-KILBO
88Sesame Street tackles addictionFakeHaw
89Traveled recently and "turbulence" is now referred to as "rough air." Reminded me of this.Captainrosebeard
90Dumb things Women are taught that will NOT help in a fight.projectreap
91My Lego Zombie Stop Motion Film!SplitterShot
92This Dad serenading his baby daughter is the cutest thingtirichine
93Ukraine’s war: How they survived, who they lost, and how they struggle to live now.Barricade_builder
94Foo Fighters - Everlong - Drum Covermatthewweissmusic
95Gordon Ramsay talks dirtyDudeYouSuckTbh
96Rupert drop. 1 mil frames per secondredditScottuser
97Liberty Prime Quotesanthony-lopez
98Bloopers & Outtakes With The Lion Whispererninjatune
99This is a fantastic animation of Bo Burnham's "Left-brain, Right-brain" song.Jolly_Bones
100Kinda gross. But pretty cool.trongs24


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