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How it works was created to bypass YouTube's non-skippable ads. Non-skippable ads are video ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. When a non-skippable ad displays before a video, the viewer is forced to watch the full ad before the selected video starts playing. Simply adding a - after the t in youtube in any YouTube video (watch page) URL solves that issue by instantly linking to the ad-free, looped, full screen version of the video. Now, without having to download or install ad-blocking software, you can watch YouTube videos on repeat, free from unwanted distractions and clutter.

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RankVideo TitleSubmitted By
1Skyblivion Is A Gigantic Volunteer Gaming Project Where Developers have Rebuilt an entire AAA Game 'Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' For Free Inside A Newer Game Engine Version - They Just Released An Official Trailerringingbells
2Useless Machine with a PersonalityahhTheSnorch
3News anchor makes Ron Burgandy look like a true professionalYoMyKneeGrows
4A YouTuber edits his cat inside movies. Here’s the video for Avengers : EndgameRiku-Sulame
5The Great Mattress Migration of 2019robbmanes
6A neat trick to see the blood vessels in your own eyesTheRetroGamingGuys
7Animated skit of Justin Roiland as Rick prank calling Joel Osteen's churchspeakeasy518
8Trying to grab a pro cyclist’s water bottleMisterDecember
9Joe Rogan Meets Roe JoganHaruSoul
10The guy who is trying to expose Turkey's biggest youtuber for stealing content from Pewdiepie and Mr. Beast is facing to be terminated because of false claims.eriCartmanSP
11Can't Help Falling In Love on a KalimbaReversalTheory
12Another Advanced Useless Machinevisagoosr
13The sound of the aztec death whistle, used during war and human sacrifice, is like a hundred people expelling bees out of their lungs in a long scream.Gordopolis
14John Mulaney performing stand-up 11 years agoASleepySailor
15Crushing Prince Rupert's Drops with a hydraulic pressTheFishe2112
1635 years ago today "Dog Police" came out. I thought I'd hallucinated it back then but as it turns out, it's real.Dodgiestyle
17Removing a yellow jacket nest and picking the larvae out for chicken feedq2553852
18when being small is fineAnnabels_Way
19Darmok and Jalad at Tanagratheduke282
20Johnny Vegas cuts deep with his poem.SSO-M
21The New UN Climate Report: We're Fucked.LavaMeteor
22Veteran reveals what he saw in Vietnamfatkiddown
23This ASL performance of Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'.Randolm
24Beautiful drone footage of a cliff collapse on the north shore of Lake Superior.gertron
25Limmy's Show - Gies yer laptop.Topsy_Turvy_Town
26News anchor makes worst debut of all timeTTVBlueGlass
27A man and his pet goose George feed a family of deer and fish? as well as life advice?ry3beemaduro
28They don't make ads like this anymore, Sting stings a little stinger.brahbocop
29WW2 Week by Week: Aug. 11 - 17, 1940 | World War TwoWynterSkye
31girl knocks out man pushing a homeless man with a deadly punchYoutubeMetrokayden
32Man nearly struck by lightning in South Carolina:DanlyDanDanny
33Australian News Segment from 1976 on the newly released Milk Cartons, and their torment.0100011001001011
34Throwback to my youth
35Best of the Historic Steam SawmillDrSenpai_PHD
36Small Youtuber, who exposed a famous Turkish Youtuber, is about to get his channel terminated because of false copyright strikesturkishdeli
37The Man History tried to forget existed - The Genius Nikola Teslawewewawa
38This is too wholesomeI_LIVE_ON_THE_SUN
39Dusted-off my copy of GTA Vice City (now 17 years old), went for a walk across the entire map & turned it into a Timelapse! Result:Nin9_9
40Where Boston Stereotypes Come Frompanera_bread_bowl
41Jet Launch From USS Theodore Roosevelt • Cockpit ViewCHUCKBALLER-WARPAINT
42108 year old Victorian women interviewed in 1977. She was born in 1869.ScroogeOfSummer
43But Here's What REALLY Happened: The History of ClueLumpyResponsibility4
44Video I made from zooming in super close on the surface of a soap bubble [OC]TheLucidMan
45Norwegian soldiers home made music video to the song KosovoImmortan-Moe-Bro
46Anyone else remember these weird plastic propaganda ads from the 90s?DookieDemon
47Scientists fixing spinal cords with electricity thanks to new discovery about paralysisBarknuckle
48This mantis made a counterattack.ItchyFlyer
49Robocop Store Robbery SceneDrRichardScroteMD
50Edna Adan's fight against Female Genital Mutilation in Somiland123456789hfgveidghdf
51Carpenter Pulls Stapled Finger Prank Perfectly On His Co-WorkerWizDgames
52BURN ANONIvanMilut
53Elephant Come To Rescueusrnone
54What it's like going blind at 20plsporo
55Daffy Duck: I dream of a genie with light brown feathersjohnnykatz
56During WWII, a German fighter comes across a critically damaged American bomber. Rather than attack, he escorts it back to Englandadmiraltarkin
57A very happy wolfEoussama
58First Volcanic Eruption Ever Filmed: 1915 Eruption of Mt. Lassen In CaliforniaHerpingtonDerpDerp
59Smile High Yodel FlipLetterExperiment230
60Absolutely filthy outtakes from Aussie kids show "Agro"KindlyOlPornographer
61Why Burn Notice Is A Binge Worthy Spy Drama - Lost and FoundHellbat50
62Best and funniest air traffic control conversationsmiamisimitcisi
63Flight crash with Interstellar docking scene scoreSuitablePerspective
64A man I work with provided many photographs for this documentary. It's about the West Virginia Mine Wars -- the second largest armed insurrection in US history. I don't think we realize the power and potential every single one of us has.Augrills
65Interview With a Catatonic SchizophrenicLumpyResponsibility4
66Looks interesting! Hydraulic hot riveting.IndustrialStudio
67Chasing Amy Black Rage - Rewatching this scene from 1997 Kevin Smith comedy "Chasing Amy", I realize it's brilliant.Alec122
68When CC Camera Drunk .celebrtyfakes
69Emotional Piano Song I wrote when I was feeling bluemozarta12
70Painting a night scene on ice cream stick ??! My first video on Youtube!Fmiaze
71The Bizarre Modern Reality of The SimpsonsD3ad54M
72Crispy Chicken Pakora Recipe • How To Make Chicken Pakora • Cook with NabeelaCautious_Delay
73cheeseburger burger townSocky4200
74The look of absolute disgust on William Shatner's face is what really makes this clip for metrapaf1738
75Basically Every Spy Movie Evercuddlekiller
76Yes - Owner of a Lonely heart (slowed + Reverb)jayenatior
771 Hour of Relaxing Skyrim MusicBakedToastOnBeans
7881 year old man plays the piano at a public airport, then gets help from a professional pianisttimdual
79The double slit experiment explainedenkrypt3d
80Failing the Weirdest Sobriety Test Ever - Sheng WangDeckcardCain
81Chernobyl fallout visualization and other things that cause anxietygrouphayfire
82Guy refuses to give up on a goatVIKZE
83Why Route 66 became America’s most famous roadCantomic66
84Kiki's Delivery Service: An Ode To My Childhoodyuman97
85Mister Rogers learns about Donkey Kong (1983 featuring Keith David)AmadeusCrumb
87the double standard, king of the hill-Carbon-
88"Resonant Chamber" - Animusic.comPLUTO_HAS_COME_BACK
89The accent is pure Dick Butkus, "Da Bearss". The content is university Botany professor. The combination is gold.mistermmd
90Failed Pilotsjackmcmalley
91"Whoosh Power"WarmheartedRecoil
92When a new phone comes outdesign_derp
93My girlfriend likes to make relaxing cooking videos, but struggles to find suitable music. Apparently my suggestion of Slayer was 'not helpful'.liammakesstuff
94Björk’s latest video is beautiful, haunting and mesmerizing.unneekway
95Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" (Leather Squeaks Only)RunDNA
96Raytracing - in Excel!s0lly
97Classical guitar - Baroque modeanormalmus
98Please enjoy this video of my 80 year old grandfather skydiving for the first timeMrFumduck
99Genisis Land of Confusionscurvy4all
100You can hear Big Ben on the radio before you hear it in real life.IdoNOThateNEVER


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