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How it works was created to bypass YouTube's non-skippable ads. Non-skippable ads are video ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. When a non-skippable ad displays before a video, the viewer is forced to watch the full ad before the selected video starts playing. Simply adding a - after the t in youtube in any YouTube video (watch page) URL solves that issue by instantly linking to the ad-free, looped, full screen version of the video. Now, without having to download or install ad-blocking software, users can watch YouTube videos on repeat, free from all those annoying advertisements.

Trending videos

RankVideo TitleSubmitted By
1Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit, playing their song "Break Stuff" in the middle of a mosh pitGrimmHellblazer
2South Park - Fedexohdamnyourarat
3Save Ralph - A short film with Taika WaititiMIKE_son_of_MICHAEL
4Nobody Wants To Work Anymore!WanderWut
5NoBoDy WaNtS tO wOrK aNyMoRe!!!Vidiocracy
6100 to 0BLAK_ICE23
7Working in Customer Servicehelpmeredditimbored
8Artificial Muscles Robotic Arminsanisprimero
9Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) - Smarter Every Day 263byParallax
10Do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me?Zakkattack86
11Grandma's Boy AnimatedBigpoopstinkyfart
12Steven Wright Delivers In This Fantastic First Appearance - Carson Tonig...PioneerStandard
13Gas Station Encounters: The Mike's Hard Mistressmarklyon
14I made a thing, I replaced the music in the opening of Batman The Animated Series with just Foley SoundsRoanhouse
15Garth Brooks Comment Section ExplainedImDisruptive
16Awkward moment when Jeff Bezos ignores William Shatner to shoot off champagneu-m-a-m-i
17There is a British amateur orchestra called "The Really Terrible Orchestra" and they enjoyed sold out shows where audience expect things to go wrong. A rocket scientist playing in it described the orchestra as the group that "rehearses the least" and spend the most time at the pubvintage_bassoon
18Uncharted - Official Trailerhashtaglurking
19On this day 216 years ago was The Battle of Trafalgar. 4,853 lives were lost. One of which was Horatio Nelson, an end to an extraordinary Naval CareerDirtyDimsim
20Honest makeup commercialsshreyaskg
21Neil deGrasse Tyson gives some examples of how space program technologies/discoveries trickle down and benefit our civilizationNS0226
22Taking the New York City Subway in June 1979Cantthinkofname1245
23Marine Corps veteran disarms suspect in attempted robbery in YumaAceeed
24Policeman in La Palma fighting the wind and stones, while trying to take measurements near the active volcano. This phenomena occurs due to the fast movements of hot air in the surfacesantifc
25Yul Brynner - New York City PSA (1978)Drew_Pinsky
26Game Show Contestant Guesses Correctlywonderdogg
27Circus Equipment Malfunctions at South Carolina State Fairlolapandi
28Amazing Old Calculator (Curta) - NumberphileMcNorch
29Thief Snatches The Phone of a Reporter While He's Livestreaming a Broadcast on FacebookGFa7mY
30Crisis of Conformity - Fistfight in the Parking LotOG_Bill_Brasky
31The Campaign (Phone Call Scene-Will Ferrell)ohdamnyourarat
32Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) - Smarter Every Day 263bigolehole69
33Making of The Stanley ParableShawnj2
34The Problem With Hitler JokesJackieirish
35Dan Gelbart Workshop Tour HDmarklyon
36Jerry Springer- “I’m a blind country pimp”occasionaldrinker
37Steve White, a young philosopher at Northwestern, talks about "premature death," why it's scary, and why all death seems "premature" in some sense. He died less than a year later.potnia_theron
38The 90s were absolutely wild. Atmosfear video board game advert.LiciniusRex
39A few friends and I made a short 'horror' film based off the game Phasmophobia and I wanted to share it with someone!Transky13
40The launch of the LUCY mission as seen from the spectators gallerywtfastro
41Why do people choose psychopaths as leaders?WalterWhiteSr
42When a club really doesn't want you to get in.ilikechefboyardee
43Jetson One Official Launch (all electric VTOL aircraft).AbrocomaPractical300
44PinkPantheress - I must apologise (Bass Cover)nighthawke75
45This channel makes some pretty solid indie cartoons, I like them.Vunhaus
46Perhaps the most elegant considerations in support of America's Space Program- by Josh Lyman on West Wing.NewComputerSayAyo
47SQUID GAME - Mark Normandlsdiesel_1
48The Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra (TACO) - best enjoyed at 1.25x normal speedPoofBam
49Next Door - A Short Cinematic Horror Game Inspired by Junji ItoMysteryLands
50Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR - "2021 4K Remaster"Robert_Fuckler
51This gave me a sensible chuckle.ZeroNullAnon
52Video my brother madeTurtleMaster69_
53Sting - Desert Rose 1999chili_cheese_dogg
54Reasons couples shouldn't share phonesamy2kim22
55How Hot Dogs Are MadeDeauxDeaux
56Do You Really Need A Car? | Why E Bikes Could Be The Future Of Personal TransportExisting_Cow_3907
57I'd rather uninstall than to be violatedNatemophi
58Toronto Walking Tour 4k - Yorkville to Junction Triangleloftmusicca
59Limmy Reacts to Jeff Bezos mugging off William Shatnerchapjolly
60A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary EditionCourageForOurFriends
61Fisticuffs - Turn My Headphones Up (Dave Chappelle skit)dI--__--Ib
62I recorded my entire drawing process in Procreateextralargepp
63After 5 years of inactivity Mike Capes is back with some more life hacks! — How to Move Out for Free (Paranormal Hacktivity)Shrinks99
64I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now - John Shuttleworthmotherffucker
65If Hard Seltzers Were Honest (White Claw, Truly)Balogna-Mangione
66Monopoly - Who owns the world?Spixsm
671300 1 Pump Burpees (1300 push ups) in 2 hours and 40 minutes!!---Tsing__Tao---
6890 years old grandma insane paintingKhanZadi_home
69Peaceful Piranha - It's Almost Halloween (Scary Music)songthatsucks
70Did this guy invent topspin and modern sliding?TennisIsWeird
71CHE Presents: Modern Peiping - 1930 - A Fascinating Look at Historical China! Amazing!sirant69
72Post Nucular Elvis - Jim Carreydonkeyman5353
73Wind turbine near my home town. The blade tips are 70m/75yd each and moving at 170kph/105mph.mildpandemic
74We intentionally go for lofi videos, no mainstream. We tested the new iPhone 13 Pro here, poor lighting condtitions. Disapointed with the record quality (noisy, 4K & HDR for no gain). Could the resulting production quality be perceived positively or should we distort it more if unable to do better?andtilly
75Branding Mistakes for Evil Mega CorporationsAuferen
76THE MOONCRAWLERS - Short Filmconceptcars
77My Minecraft city project, Alma BayMattQ012
78Fast love and mathematicslongsanks
79This cover of Easy on Me = FeelsBrookPA
80This clip is pretty hilarious. It’s what got me into The Best ShowVunhaus
81New Macbook Procorgishepperd
82Compilation of Great Defense in the NBAamorfati21
83Catch Me By Kenna (Feat. DJ Miando) Official Music VideoHoly_Venom95
84My partner filmed a "fireside" interview with a local fire spinner, and I think it turned out pretty cool (Turn on CC for English subtitles)illumnovic
85THPS combos in real lifetweak06
86Joe’s Steam Rice Rolluriman
87A friend of mine reads a short story I wrote 10 years ago, in his RDR2 RP Character Voice (his series is called Storytime With Stone)pcgamergirl
88Here’s why Grandpa Joe is literally the worst human being in all of fiction. There’s no telling what horrors the Oompa Loompas faced during his reign of terror when he seized control of the factory from CharlieJohnny_Mc2
89“Believe In The Boogeyman” Michael Myers Horror StoryJM_RedditGuy
90Southwest Airlines Eyepatch commercialhoyhoyy29
91skipping through the snapchat story of someone you met at a party onceTheOsttle
92Bad Luckforce_shit
93Horny Drunk Girl Deniedlimesmile2
94Best of Steve Rogersshreyaskg
95The Simpsons But It's Just the Memeshaljackey
96Bobby P.I.GlarthirLover33
97Best landscapes of Tamil Nadu, India!karanthsrihari
98Gabriel Eltaeb's video "Why I left DC comics"IndieComics
99The title of "Dune" in Danish is WHAT NOW???alexanderkjerulf
100Devilstick Basics (Beginner)Snitchin4Funzies


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