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How it works was created to bypass YouTube's non-skippable ads. Non-skippable ads are video ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. When a non-skippable ad displays before a video, the viewer is forced to watch the full ad before the selected video starts playing. Simply adding a - after the t in youtube in any YouTube video (watch page) URL solves that issue by instantly linking to the ad-free, looped, full screen version of the video. Now, without having to download or install ad-blocking software, you can watch YouTube videos on repeat, free from unwanted distractions and clutter.

Trending videos

RankVideo TitleSubmitted By
1I was not prepared for the amount of Funk I was to witnessTotallyNotaT_Duser
2I film videos with my phone and seamlessly edits them into impossible scenarioskelufi
323 year old, Colter Wall, sounds like he has been smoking a pack a day for 50 years. Amazing voice.25PointBlownLead
4What's been going on with Cody'sLab?InadequateUsername
5“The Triangle”cpold_cast
6Terry Tate, Office LinebackerFenrirIII
7Engineer Accidentally Dosed By LSD While Repairing Vintage Synthesizeritsnotmeanttobe
8'Creme Caramel' by Canadajediknight12
9Mariya Takeuchi has released an official (short) music video for "Plastic Love", 35 years after its release and almost 2 years after it showed up in everyone's YouTube feed.ZeromusPrime
10The announcer catches the foul ball while on callMaybeJacquez
11This Jackass 3 Bar Fight Scene. Gets me everytime.pheelingood
12Charlie Day needs an Oscar for this scene alone.EsotericEye
13Whopper and a FortyPepperonies
14The Motivational SpeakerLunArctic
15This might be the end for Gamestop. The Pro Card scam.SterlingDeer
16My friend’s dog runs over after every meal to get burped.LuckyDonamere
17Cycling through a cave to get to workCold417
18Best Workaholics opening everstickersandtoast
19This travel ad for Oregon has mind-bogglingly beautiful animation.superpug17
20Deep south music feat spoon ladySchmittyyyyyy
21Atomic bomb test footage. Colorized by DeOldifyMyMomSaysImHot
22Took my friends and I an average of 2.5 hours to perform and synchronize each of these “anti-gravity” card shuffling tricks to a high-speed camera robot. Enjoy!huronlow
23Keanu Reeves Shows His Most Prized Motorcyclesbrickclick
24This is some cute stuff right here!Dobbsy4291
25Kid playing the Beatles "Penny Lane" on piano at Disneyland.Swankishesque
26Depressed Doorbell Commits Suicidepopstarter
27Jumping robot has ability to bounce in place like a pogo stick and jump through obstacle courses like an agility dog. Salto can even take short jaunts outside, powered by a radio controller.StephenMcNally
28Man suffers existential crisis doing cola taste testPresently_Absent
29How a File Format Led to a Crossword Scandalbenoliver999
30This scene was kind of funny 6 years ago, watching it now leaves this sense of impending doom in me.BabyInMyBlender
31Toonami - Sometimes The Bad Guys Win SpeechLazyDirector
32A very straightforward explanation of a British court proceedingcantCommitToAHobby
33Fantastic Computer Animation of a Refinery Explosion (Torrance CA, 2015) - Extremely Easy to UnderstandThirdD3gree
34Some of the many puns from How It's Madepswii360i
35It’s Promblidge
36Tibetan Monks Create and Destroy Sand Mandala.letienphat1
37I don't watch much TV but this episode of Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show holds a special place in my heart.MortyArk
38Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Languagebrickclick
39Do not go gentle into that good night...Joseran_Farwynd
401880 Giant BlackSmith Drill Restorationgfurrrr
41Insane Silent Movie Stunts During the 1920sKnowTheMovies
42Comedian Bill Burr Attacks a Crowd in Philadelphia for 12 Straight Minutes Because They Were Booing Him.CapitalCourse
43Cooking with Christopher WalkenFeedMeMoranis
44Spent about 15 years of my life looking for the Freddy Krueger music video that got Will Smith sued, and led to the career he has now.. I gave up in 2017 searching. Just googled.. it got leaked on youtube last year! WOOOOO…. just about to watch it for the first time!27581009
45Street performer plays Metallicas master of puppets and nails it.-Carbon-
46Cat CityPepperonies
47One of my favorite channels on YouTube, he commentates on chess games. Here is one of his best videos commentating on The Greatest Queen Sacrifice in Chess History.theipodbackup
48Sorry MomWTFevenisOklahoma
49Cody is having a hard time, lets give him a reddit hug for being one of the great youtubers'neofac
50This Cat PURRS Like a ScI-Fi Movie Monsterslasher372
51Marble Race: MarbleLympics 2019 E10 - Hubelino Mazejtboyd14
52Street artist in VeniceTheLegend0fJay
53Eight glorious minutes of people getting thrown out of rafts in white water rapids, complete with commentary.BixmanJ
54We need to take better care of our elderly! Everyone grows old!SoKawaiii
55The ERMAHGERD! girl shares her thoughts on the memes (spoiler she enjoys them).Randolm
56How the Self-Solving Rubik's Cube worksAskMeIfImAReptiloid
57Potion Seller Soundtrack_BearHawk
58Einstein TalkingtimeParaducks
59Dog Confronts Cornered Coyote!!!Uhtred_Ragnarsons
60A video of a man finding the meaning of life in a Garfield comic.vault114
61Life long Coke drinker and recreater of the Original Coke formula, has anexistential crises in taste test.parklawnz
62The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild beaten from start to finish in under half an hourTrippyWentLucio
63Can't stop scratchin'soundboy5010
6405-20-19-Mangum, OK - TornadoDolphusTRaymond
65Comedian Bill Burr should be the successor of David Attenborough. I'd watch the crap out of nature documentaries.RandomAsianGuy
66Don't get in the kilnItsaMe_Rapio
67This happened today in my mom’s house backyard...oskarstankovic
68Unbelievable GTA-esk Police Chase [Blood at end, barely NSFW]ContentDetective
69What’s Been Going On With Cody’sLab?andrewmackoul
70TB 6 News Update had the most amazing news intro music ever created.TheUnknownStitcher
71Home remodel series. First of many videos. Learning as I go. Any tips would be helpful.dongnado
72Tattoo Artists React To Athlete Tattoosbrickclick
73Oblivion NPC Dialogue IRL CompilationMrListaDaSistaFista
74Another Dirty Room: A couple of guys who go in and experience some of the worst hotels/motels first hand.RaindropsPony
75How James Holzhauer Broke JeopardyLumpyResponsibility4
76A tree fell on my garage. Rebuild time lapse.josephlucas
77This old man shows how to REALLY eat a watermelonim-on-the-internet
78Mad Max: Fury Road without CGIKnowTheMovies
79Pensioners pull off the biggest heist in EnglandredDiavel
80Mushrooms are stepping up and saving the worldClarksonforever
81Parenting Expert Has Nerve To Tell You How To Raise Your Own Goddamn Kidsaponicalixto
82If ‘Nice Guys’ could sing...itsmelissaaa
83Every X-Man EverTwentyOne13
84Shrek 2 - I Need a Hero SceneAndreyNikolai
85Workout Wednesday with Zach Anner FINALLY returns.Scrubbybearr
86Feynman : How did we find the speed of Light?couragethebravestdog
87The Engineering of Droplets and their Formation in a Commercial Inkjet Printergulabjamunyaar
88TIME TO RELAX (Amazon Alexa)NG_Tagger
89Light show steals a mans soulMuvaship
90Imagine sung by world leaderswonderdogg
91Rodney Dangerfield at the Top of His Game (1980)geocentrist
92This Russian guy makes an chest mounted “Arc Reactor” which can power mini rockets and torches by generating hydrogen gas (also looks pretty cool)klausklass
93My painting: Banana #710100011a10100011a
94Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet DoritosIAmBlothHoondr
95the riverdale writers must be on crackvt31008
96Matthias Wandel: Mouse in a Lego mazemgriffioen
97Japan - A short travel filmRyowxyz
98Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis - FULL EPISODE | VICE Special Report | HBOjustinqpham
99The Motivational Speaker - Aunty Donnaboatswain1025
100Collision That Formed The MoonSchmittyyyyyy


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