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How it works was created to bypass YouTube's non-skippable ads. Non-skippable ads are video ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. When a non-skippable ad displays before a video, the viewer is forced to watch the full ad before the selected video starts playing. Simply adding a - after the t in youtube in any YouTube video (watch page) URL solves that issue by instantly linking to the ad-free, looped, full screen version of the video. Now, without having to download or install ad-blocking software, you can watch YouTube videos on repeat, free from unwanted distractions and clutter.

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RankVideo TitleSubmitted By
1Citizens chasing kidnapper in Massachusetts yesterday after successful Amber Alert.JomadoSumabi
2I never realized how accurate the film Talladega Nights was until I saw this video...GoldenJoel
3Outtakes of Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio) causing Retta (Donna) to break character in Parks and Recreation. Comedic gold.sureshot182
5Every individual color of a sun's beam got reflected in my mirrormmay_a
6Baby singing ThunderstruckOnelife11
7Everybody wants to rule the world, played masterfully on a guitarcoronagrey
8Eminem - DarknessFilthydewa
9David Attenborough: A life on Our Planet trailer. Coming in Spring 2020 on Netflix. The reality of climate change and how important education on this subject is.Dwight-
10Redman - Slap Da Shit Outcha [Official Music Video]alchemistzim
11Gordon Ramsay Animated - R A WJaredSharps
12A camped at a remote canyon in Utah and captured a timelapse of the best view of the night sky I've ever seen!aryeh95
13Cop is hit by a train while pursuing a suspect.SuperflySteveLolz
14Real Life Geoguessr - Blindfolded and Dumped in a Random UK Location - PART 1workedmisty
15Making a four-strand rope of tarred hemp.RazsterOxzine
16CSI: The Clone WarsKubrick_Fan
17How Anime influences how one talks.bicureyooz
18How to Break YouTube (Copyright Claim your own video) - ymfahsquareknot20
19Comedy sketch picks apart princess Diana assassination conspiracy theorykollane
20If only my teachers had been able to explain stuff just half as interesting as this guy..._DrSpliff
21THX Deep Note Trailer 2019 (4K) – GenesisGODSandSHITHEADS
22every time you play this it will sound like it's getting higher in pitchCoffeeCreamInMySeam
23Quentin Tarantino explains why Laurence Fishburne turned down Pulp Fiction.Hectonaut
24Real footage in 1995, featuring a $3000 computer3p1ks
26A deep dive into all the movies and comics that The Matrix borrowed ideas and shots fromfennec_chips
27Superjail - Never Run Away From the Time Policepswii360i
28A year on the Ukrainian Frontline- An Upcoming documentary filmed over the course of the past year in the Ukrainian trenches. (2020) [ex-post Documentaries]EmptyButterscotch1
29Psycho Funeral Escort on Motorcycle faces charges for impersonating a Police Officerwarmwires
30Spectacular Glider Touchdown in Rain | 15 m LS8-e neo | Pavullo 🇮🇹DerEntscheider
31Leslie Nielsen is what America needs right now.Redditroo82
32Special Books by Special Kids: Chris Ulmer, a disability-rights advocate and former special education teacher, has a YouTube channel wherein he interviews young people with cognitive, developmental, or physical disabilities to provide a platform for them to share their stories.spwf
33What The Hell Is Going On?? with Vic Berger PILOTthelastsandwich
34Random guy approaches another mansnapjenk
35The continental breakfast guy goes in an airplane - Key & PeeleAsfAtl
36This Tiny Desk Concert ft. Superorganism is so entertainingiJammer96
37My awesome cat, Leo, trying to make me feel better when I was sick!archimediate
38In the wake of Neil Peart's death his Frankfurt 04' drum solo has been shared everywhere, what people generally don't know is that he had a bad flu and barely even got through that show. This solo from 1988 is a much better example of why he was widely considered the world's greatest drummer.AlexLiveson
39Steve-O takes a tour of Ronda Rouseys Farm and talks about Sustainable FarmingLeBronFanSinceJuly
40You've probably come across the SR-71 Blackbird story several times. Now, hear it from the man himself.ChickenBaconPoutine
41Declining Respect for the Elderly | David Mitchell's SoapBoxSuperNerd6527
42An Introduction to the James Webb Space Telescope Missionuhujkill
43The Turning Pointthe_bora
44Larry David’s Alternate GQ Looks - CONANGeronimoRay
45Victor BorgeDaemonshmike
46Celebrity Jeopardyprometheus2508
47Little Red Riding Hood Reimaginedwestcoastgroove
48Vice on the British Psychedelic Renaissance. "How long ago did you take the 2cb?" -"I have no fuckin' idea what time is."PM_ME_INFORMATION
49If you haven’t gone down the Mariam Margolyes rabbit hole, you’re doing yourself a disservice.Chieftan69
50Every time I hear about ok boomer I remember this boondocks clipnewphew92
51Little Steam Trainbren3232
52Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK) still have their comments locked by Youtube.DictatorInPerpetuity
53How Lord of the Rings director brought colour to WW1 - BBCtankpuss
54Ham Radio (aka Amateur Radio) is alive and well at a radio club near you. Every late June - radio clubs across North America set up their modern radio gear to make thousands of contacts to prepare for disaster communications. You too can get licensed.bernd1968
55Alex Trebek's emotional acceptance speech for Fordham University's 2020 Founder AwardINeededARedditHandle
56Elon dancing at Tesla’s Shanghai plant-ItsVince-
57Hall & Oates - Maneater shredsDoctor_Popeye
58“Pangolins: The Most Trafficked Mammal You've Never Heard Of” | National Geographic - Not enough is being done to stop the pseudoscience that is Traditional CHINESE “Medicine”. Pangolins offer ZERO medical benefit, so why are so many being killed every year??AlmostWardCunningham
59HyperNormalisation and GamingMayonaiseRemover
60Live cover of Steeley Dan's My Old Schoolfprintf
61Sean Evans Reveals the Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Onesgrunge969
62A man from Japan has been posting "apnea dances" every day for almost 6 years where he does a short dance on a manhole while holding his breath.Jolly0428
63This may be the worst cooking video on youtubeChriscftb97
64Charles Manson's Eternal QuestionBad_Media_Student
65The most 'real' haunted videos I have ever seenTheGru
66Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!Daemonshmike
67Gwyneth Paltrow Scented Candleslaura_palmer13
68A short film with one creepy house, two dead bodies and three twistsknitted_beanie
69Dragon Ball Super: Broly has some of the best animationHieillua
70I Can't Believe You've Done ThisASleepySailor
71Butcher Cleaver RestorationPsychomat8
72Eminem + juice wrldkkc221005
73Street musicians perform Shine On You Crazy DiamondSetMyEmailThisTime
74Today you, Tomorrow me (legendary reddit comment acted out)saylisteins
75Agnetha Fältskog's Best Live VocalsDaemonshmike
76Wood fire pizza oven on a MOTORCYCLE in Thailand.mondoman202
77My Grandmother learning about video technology back in 1989and_discuss
78Felix Baumgartner - Space Jump World Record (2012)Spinundrum
79Don't miss your timing!seveats
80Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Official Music Video)BottyFlaps
81Mask Off - Rick and Morty__pinkguy__
82Florida is gorgeous...frostbyte549
83Rami, sit! Speak.serqus
84Paralyzed man invents a cool and unique device to help himself and other disabled people to feed themselves.oh_yeah69nice
85Hilariously bad Criss Angel fail.SpookWithoutaName
86One of the best responses to a scam call I’ve ever seencoal_the_slaw
87The most 2007 Video Ever.ultimatecaissie
88Cornelis Vreeswijk - balladen om fredrik åkare och cecilia lind Live @ I kväll 1967 3/9Daemonshmike
89Odd Squad Family - Makin Movesitsokayyoucanlaugh
90Madlad got all of their videos copyright claimed, proceeds to copyright claim their OWN videos to earn back some of the stolen revenueSkottie1
91Pope John Paul II mod - EA Battlefront 2 Mod TrailertheVennu101
92I made a lyric video for Eminem's new song "Darkness".01110000-01101001
93A Powerpoint about History (By a couple of Aussie Legends)Bad_Media_Student
94Group B madness (1982-1986)Artepro
95"Not Suitable for Most Advertisers"Ivanwood
96How we can protect truth in the age of misinformation | Sinan Aralefojs
97Crowd panic and stampede at a rave party in Los Angeles NSFW NSFLsuddenlyicecream
98Cuffed Up - "French Exit" (Official Music Video)recapo1
99Lucas the Spider - Polar Bear | Lucas And Puppyallygenius1998
100The Box if it was made in the 80sPlextroMusic


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